Universe and frequencies

Could it be possible that everything you thought of or ever dreamed of, everything that you carried in your mind carried a frequency of its own.And if you really longed for that thing the frequency grew stronger and stronger.We are beings of nature and the universe is connected so we are a part of universe too.Can the universe respond to your thoughts? can universe help you in achieving your dreams? can the universe give you hints along your journey?. Well Its possible.You attract the energy you give out in the universe.That could be positive energy or negative energy.Have you noticed that If you are afraid of some occurence and you dont want that thing to happen,You re stressing about that thing and guess what It happens exactly the way you didnot want it to happen. So is this all a coincidence or the universe have resonance phenomenon in which If the frequencies match ,you get maximum energy transfer! that energy could be bad or good depending upon your mind.Paulo Coelho says ” When you really want something the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it”


It hurts to see the person you love the most and the person you thought was never going to give up on you, that same person gives you a wakeup call and reminds you that no matter how much they say they wont leave, they’re the one to leave first.They forget all the promises and Vows of love they took when everything was fine between you and them. A tale of years comes to an end in a mere second and hearts are broken, the one suffers and the other one doesnt even care.Not even for a second that person bothers to ask you If youre doing okay?But wait didnt that person said that they loved You and said “We” were all that matter in this world!But ah! the world and its empty humans with egos as high as sky.I am left confuse and shattered at what happend in a blink of eye.What used to be my universe, was demolished by the one I adored.Now Im here pretending Im okay but as I look up at the sky I see pieces of my shattered universe in the sky.


Being a human you are never sure about things,you can just never be a 100% on anything wether its a goal, future happenings what so ever.But the mind is a powerful creation.Through these recent years i have learned that If you are able to imagine something in your mind be it your dream job or your dream house or your dream life anything, If you can imagine it in your mind there is a high possiblity that it will happen in reality because all the universe is connected.If you ever pay attention At the neurons in the brain they resemble the milky ways of the universe,could there be a possible connection ? maybe! so start thinking in terms of possiblities as my favourite writer Paulo Coelho says “When you want something truely the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it”